Having an effective Bible investigation on Revelations is a lot less difficult than a significant number of us thought. The attitude with which we approach the investigation of a day ago prescience is basic to confronting the difficulties we regularly experience as prediction understudies. As we think about the troublesome entries in our investigation of the predictions by and large and the book of Revelations specifically we have to tolerate as a top priority the accompanying:

• That each prescience of the sacred texts is propelled by God (2Tim. 3:16, 17).

• That it is to our benefit that we become familiar with

the predictions of the most recent days (St. Jn 5:39)

• That it is the Lord’s craving that we comprehend the book of Revelations. (Rev. 1:3)

• That for each issue we experience in the book of Revelations there is an answer. (Prov. 4:18)

By and by, I see Bible investigation on Revelations as very straight forward in numerous regards; I presently find that there are far less hazy areas than they were the point at which I just began. You also can discover prescience study a lot simpler than you might suspect on the off chance that you pursue the means that I am going to demonstrate to you. There are three significant advances that you have to watch in the event that you need to in any event be headed to getting to be one of the most progressive understudies of end-time Bible prescience.

1. Enable the Bible to give all elucidations

The best way to precisely decipher any prescience isn’t to translate it by any stretch of the imagination. The Bible must be permitted to give all translations of prescience. You will see instances of scriptural elucidations in Revelations 17 (Eg. lady = city, seven heads = seven mountains, and so on.).

It is regular practice for prediction understudies give their impossible to miss significance to certain prophetic images or attempt to summarize the importance given to a specific image. This is the thing that the Bible calls private understanding (Pet. 1:20). We have to comprehend that understanding has a place just with God (Gen. 40:8), and isn’t inside the area of man’s insight.

They are two manners by which you can discover your answer for end-time Bible prediction. You can discover it in a similar Bible section in which the prediction is given, or you can go to other related Bible entries for comparative translations of specific words or expressions that will enable you to comprehend the prescience you’re contemplating. A decent Bible concordance can assist you with this.

2. Try not to attempt to translate what the Bible doesn’t decipher

In end-time Bible prescience don’t attempt to offer implications to images that the Bible doesn’t translate. Similarly as how it is imperative to recognize what understanding the Bible accommodates a specific image, it is likewise essential to comprehend what it doesn’t decipher. There are components in a portion of the predictions for which the Bible doesn’t give an importance.

On the off chance that you read Joseph’s understanding of Pharaoh’s first dream in Genesis 41 you will see that among the various components in that fantasy just one has an importance. In that fantasy Pharaoh saw dairy animals, waterways, and knolls, however just the bovines were translated, yet the prescience was superbly comprehended. Any endeavor to give answers for components not deciphered in the sacred texts may well lead you to ends that are not with regards to the general message of the prescience you’re examining. Where a component isn’t deciphered in a prediction, treat it for its undeniable importance or as a prop in the vision.

3. Enable yourself to be guided by the parallel predictions

In your examinations of end-time Bible prescience, Request a prophetic word make the parallel predictions your guide. For me, this is one of the most dominant standards in any Bible examination on Revelations. In the first place, let me characterize what parallel predictions are: they are predictions that spread a similar occasion or set of occasions over a similar timespan. Eg. Daniel 2 and 7 are parallel predictions.

When you are managing parallel predictions you will see that a few subtleties in a single prescience are not really found in the other, in which case one prescience supplements the other. In your examination, the prediction that is all the more straight forward and more obvious ought to be utilized to clarify the more troublesome prescience. The planning of subtleties from the two predictions will widen your comprehension of the story from the viewpoint of two separate records of the equivalent event(s).