What is video conferencing?

Video conferencing is a conversation generation that integrates voice and video to attach the far flung users with each different thru internet as they’re within the equal room. Each consumer needs a computer, microphone, internet cam and a broadband internet connection for taking part within the video conferencing. Users at each the ends see and listen each different in actual time permitting herbal conversation. Many communique businesses had been dabbling in video conferencing generation Video Conferencing Cameroon.

Good bandwidth is wanted for high great of the video conferencing. Video conferencing were given extra reputation with the release of Microsoft Net meeting. Now presently there are a numbers of groups which can be selling the video conferencing software.

Video conferencing could be very appealing to the instructional and commercial enterprise sector. Video conferencing made it viable to bring the customers closer (certainly head to head) consequently saving the cost and time. Many universities have adopted video conferencing as an educational tool. Businessmen round the sector use video conferencing to hold in contact with other people.

Video conferencing is in greater traumatic segment and greater video conferencing packages and technology are in the improvement and improvement system. Eventually video conferencing will allow the introduction of the virtual towns, online locations where human beings can work together with out the need of bodily present inside the equal premises. Using a laptop, video digicam and a broadband net connection, you could set up a video conferencing connection.

Video conferencing is a very beneficial communication approach due to the fact it may keep the time and visiting value of the people. A video convention among two human beings is referred to as point-to-factor and most of the extra people is called multipoint conference. Besides the audio and video transmission between the humans, videoconferencing is likewise used to percentage the documents, pc displayed records.

More development is being made inside the videoconferencing programs through which people can paintings and manage at the equal files and pc packages at the same time. IEEE gives standard and steering for the development of videoconferencing. The H.320 popular tells that how video conferencing operates over ISDN smartphone circuits. The H.323 trendy tells how videoconferencing operates over the Internet (TCP/IP or IP).

The high-quality of the videoconferencing depends on the characteristics of the circuit between the conferencing websites. In H.323 global, a high great conference desires approximately 768Kbs of bandwidth. In the universities and college campuses a higher bandwidth connection of 10Mbs is required.

Following are the a few regulations for the bandwidth, required for videoconferencing.

Bandwidth Usage

768Kbs that is used in campuses and gives amazing satisfactory.

384Kbs this bandwidth additionally offers exact connection with IP and ISDN lines.

256Kbs Audio is k however video is not full motion.

128Kbs each audio and video aren’t extremely good.

If you have to pick among ISDN and IP on your videoconferencing connection you need to consider things satisfactory and price. With the IP based connections there’s no extra price. On the other hand, even though there is a few extra cost with the ISDN connection, however you get a consistent velocity and first-rate connection exceptional and with the IP primarily based connection, because of the commodity net you do not have assured bandwidth.

Videoconferencing has extraordinary advantages. Here are the a few blessings of the videoconferencing technology.

· By using the video conferencing the college individuals can hold in contact with magnificence remotely.

· Guest lectures can be conducted in a class from a different institute domestically ore remotely.

· Scientist and researchers can collaborate with each other at distinctive institutes at the regular basis.

· Researchers and teachers can answers the questions from an organization.

· Marriages in some nations are being carried out through using the video conferencing technology, if the one associate is at one end and the other is abroad. The people at both ends can see each other.

· Student interviews with an enterprise in every other city or usa.


Telecommuting is now being used to connote a broader activity, which includes the person interplay and collaboration that takes locations among domestic based entrepreneur, consultants and commercial enterprise companions


Video conferencing is also getting used inside the telemedicine.

Distance Learning

Educators in simple, secondary and better training and corporate education are the usage of videoconferencing. Video lectures have become the common. There are other applications that honestly getting the far off guests inside the class room and engaging in the critical lectures. These are extraordinary opportunities to feature cost to the instructional manner using video conferencing as a tool.

Career Services

Many foremost agencies reducing back their recruiting budgets and conducting the far off interviews through video conferencing, that’s making them viable to display the right candidate.